Monday, August 01, 2005

Congratulations to Online Yahoo Groupie!

Yogi Grunwald of Calgary, Alberta Canada ATC's is featured in grayscale at the top of page 8. Yogi's ATC titled "Earthy to Glitzy"designed in an assemblage of fibers, trims, and a button is featured here.

{Congrats, Yogi! I am honored to have several ATC's from you featured within my own ATC collection!} :))))

Various other Artists within online communities and my studio buddy, Christine Kempler was also on display. I tried to find those who I knew submitted however browsing the catalog Guide while there and finding them was a challenge with various artists and attendees searching for their own and those of their friends.

Congratulations to Lisa for an exhibit well done! and a blast to be a participant of. Look forward to more events at EP and seeing you at conventions.

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