Monday, August 01, 2005

European Papers House of Cards Exhibit 2005

Christine, Michelle, and I arrived at EP without any problems. The House of Cards Exhibit was absolutely awesome! Entering the lower gallery we arrive to discover over 500 ATC’s received in response to the call from over 50 countries. The ATC’s where hung in baseball card sleeves from what appear to be conduit pipes, the upper places of the display filled with blanks and an occasional placed information card to assist with finding ATC’s submitted for those attending the event. We browsed the exhibit, amazed at the diversity of ATC’s submitted, designs, themes, and all out anything goes in themes and style. After viewing we headed upstairs to the studio portion of EP drawing sign-ups, an ATC trading session, and refreshments. We shopped a little and I managed to spend $42 on additional supplies.


{Facts from the House of Cards Catalog}

An Intro to the Exhibit written by Lisa Ohmer, An About ATC’s, filled with facts and history, The Show Awards for Best of Show, Fabric, Children’s ATC’s, Beauty, Humor, and Originality. There is a picture of the Exhibit while being installed and filled with beautiful ATC’s!

The next two pages feature some of the ATC’s received in color copies, demonstrating the diversity of entries. A Guide is added for those artists attending the event to assist in locating their entries in both Artists and Children’s categories. The catalog ends with a Resource page on Hosting ATC Trading Sessions. Online Resources, and Some Final Notes from Lisa.

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