Thursday, August 04, 2005

Jordan McGordan.........

For those of you who do not know who Jordan is....... he is our outside cat. Jordan has been with Don for at least 10-11 years; although neither of know which. "Jordan McGordan is the nickname, my neice, Melanie gave him while visiting this past summer. Yep, it sort of stuck. Anyways, if you would think some positive thoughts today for him, we would greatly appreciate it. You see, Don discovered a lump on the outside of Jordan's throat after Jordan had dug it up. A visit to our vet confirmed our worst fears...... a tumor. Jordan is ungoing surgery today; it began at 11:00 and we won't hear from the vet until 3 p.m. In our hearts, we both are wishing him well.

To keep my mind busy, I created this circle book today. I've been desiring to create one and receiving the thicker circle coasters from Smokey Bones --- provided me the opportunity to play!

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