Thursday, August 04, 2005

Recent Happenings.........

Don & I spent the better part of the day yesterday cleaning house. He pitched in making the bed, starting and keeping two loads of laundry going, running the sweeper, ect. while I tackled cleaning out the kitchen cuphoards, refrigerator, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning our living room and bath. Don made several errands, paid bills, and got the Jeep into the shop to have the hood latch and cable replaced, so no more struggling to open it and fighting to get it shut again. We really could use a newer vehicle, however, it simply isn't in our fianances at the moment, so we will probably drive the wheels off of it! LOL, yes, pun intended in light of our recent flat tire.

It has been so hot here, high 90's, and no sign of relief today either. AC is and has been running full blast --- just like us. We ventured to the grocery store, return home to put everything away; Don whipped us up some cheeseburgers while I packaged meat for freezing and salads to eat later in the evening. I even made some coleslaw; ended up with too much so half was taken to my parents for them to enjoy! Returned home to simply chill out, Don napped while I watched a movie. Around 9 p.m. we headed out to the rear deck to spend some quiet time in the hot tub. It is set at a cool 98 degrees and felt great. Candlelight surrounding the deck set a romantic mood however the highlight was seeing big, beautiful white fireworks our neighbors set off! Great way to end the day!

I haven't really worked on any new art lately, well, other than painting some circle coaster the Chris, Michelle, and I picked up at Smokey Bones the evening of the June 30th after attending the EP House of Cards Exhibit. I am really not liking them so I will probably cover them with some paper. I did print off some images and text to use on them a few days back, wondering if I printed enough I quickly realized knowing me, I over did it! Somehow while printing, I forget about the embellishments that will be added. I've been desiring to create a round, circle book for some time --- just hadn't planned on starting it quite so soon.

I've had some good intentions to get back into the studio to re-organize again. The heat isn't co-operating so I'm simply doing a little at a time there. Believe me when I say it is in total chaos!
My goal is to one day have everything in its place, Dremel Drill Press set up so I can create books faster, my easel set up for a place to play with my acrylics and altered books........ ahhh, a girl can dream!

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