Monday, August 01, 2005

On the Road Again........

We head on up Route 30W to Rt. 69S on into Fort Wayne, Ind. where we spot some sign for a Lincoln Muesum. Thinking it is something we'd love to check out further, into Fort Wayne we venture.

Can you imagine our surprise and amazment, when we travel into Ft. Wayne to discover "Mastodons on Parade"!!!! {I placed a link above but here it is again, in case you missed it:

Such beauty! Lining the passage of Clinton Street through Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the parade of Mastodons. There are 47 of the 102 Mastodons lining the street for viewing. You may walk the Headwater Park's Clinton Parade for close-up viewing So, we head up to Headwaters Park, where I just had to allow the child within me play in the children's fountain dance and sing while running through the cool water. Yes, I'm 44 yrs. old, however, I simply could not resist! Don laughed and enjoyed the process with me.

Another highlight of our discoveries......

Aren't these just the coolest! For $20 Don and I rented one of the Model T Bicycles and rode the 2.5 mile trial through Headwaters Park. We viewed the 47 Mastodons, crossed Clinton St. to view the opposite side of the road of Headwaters Park along the St. Mary's River, stopped to talked with another couple, the woman from Ft. Wayne and the man from OH, beautiful flowers, paved footpaths and trails, gorgeous landscaping filled with florals and an under the road bridge completed our adventure. We will definately be visiting Fort Wayne again, this time during the week so we can visit the Art Museum, Firefigher's Museum, and various activities. What else can you do on a tankful of gasoline and all for less than $100.00 ?

What a way to renew one's sense of spirit! :)

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