Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Art Idea Journals and other artistic adventures....

I received Mieke's Art Idea Journal from the RR in the mail yesterday. I cannot stop gushing on and on about these magnificance journals! It doesn't matter how many of these journals that have passed through your hands, each and everyone has its own unique characteristics that just cause your jaw to drop and are filled with some the most amazing eye candy I've ever held within my hands.

Mieke's journal has sort of a chapbook theme going on in it. As she created it, she made several pages in a chapbook style and then asked that each artist do like-wise in addition to the artwork that they created within it. Every page is a masterpiece..... I could pick up any one of these journals at any given time and find a new little detail that I'd somehow missed the time before.

Since I have anotherl swap deadlines looming, my artistic time is going to be full and I will be shuffling back and forth between projects. This shouldn't be as hectic as it sounds since some of it will relate to preparing the silk screenprinting frame and while it is drying inbetween each step, I can begin to work on something else. My postage ATC swap will also be created in steps that will require some drying times so while those are beginning to take shape, I can work in the evenings while watching TV to begin my whimsical writing pages for Mieke's journal. I will most likely have Mieke's journal in my possession for a little while as this journal was sent to me, skipping one participant while she works in my journal and creates Mieke's journal pages so that all of them can be sent to me together and we don't get bottlenecked again.... meaning one participant holding a few of the journals and the next participant having none to work in.

I am excited about this RR cominng to an end... As I've mentioned previously that means my own journal creation will be returning home to me and other participants will be recieving their journals. It is somewhat of a bittersweet ending........ I have been in a lot of online swaps for artwork and RR's, but I can honestly stay that the communication within this group of ladies has been the most fabulous. Regardless of what curve life has thrown at each one of us, we've managed to maintain contact and communication over the last year and a half. I don't think anyone of us anticipated the time it would require for 17 participant to send and receive and to create within these journals but I know we all agree that each and every one of the journals is both a work of art and a masterpiece.

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