Saturday, September 23, 2006

Change of plans...

Well, skip giving Chaos a bath! For some strange reason he is being stubborn!!! today and refuses to get in the tub. Maybe, it is because the last several times he has required one, we've taken him to the car wash where they have a Pet Spa. Now, I, personally love the idea... Warm water, a huge raised tub area which means no bending over and killing your back, and all I need is towels!!! The best part, someone else cleans up the wet mess!!! Well worth the $5 it costs to bath him....... Heck! I'd pay someone $5 to clean up the bathroom afterwards just so I didn't have to, LOL! So, I guess later today or tomorrow morning, we'll be heading to the Pet Spa.

I haven't gotten a darn thing done today...... well, that isn't entirely true! I checked my email, did some email trashin', posted on a couple message boards........ browsed some blogs, visited a few favorite websites to see if there was anything new to view, read, ect.

Came up with an idea for my Postage ATC's.... but have yet started creating them. Guess I need to get off the computer, huh?

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