Saturday, September 23, 2006

Good Saturday Morning!

I am up early as usual... actually I've been awake since 5:30 a.m. enjoying my morning cup of fresh brewed coffee, the stillness of the day, the quiet.... Okay, so it lasted only a few hours, prior to Chaos waking up. He has this thing where he believes if he is awake, the entire household needs to be too. Don and I take turns, if I'm not out of bed before he is, getting up and closing the bedroom door so the other one can sleep in for bit longer. He definately has an internal alarm clock, 7:30 a.m., no matter what you do to keep him awake or how much you try to wear him down.

I need to capture a few pictures of him. He is getting HUGE! He isn't a tall dog, but he's long.... I also have to say that he is approximately 80-85 lbs. now, so handling him sometimes is a whole 'nother challenge. I spend some time on an online message board for Laborador's and most are recommending a no-pull harness for puppies. Can you believe he is still classified as a puppy? Just one month over a year old... it is hard to believe due to his size, but his behavior and attitude says "puppy" all the way. Have I mentioned just how rambunctious labs are? They definately require a certain type of person to handle them; they are very active, and there is a saying that "a good lab is a tired lab" and trust me that is so true! Wear them out!!!! One thing that I do try to stick to is a 5 minute rule: 5 minutes of excercise times every month of age. That means at least an hour of exercise a day ---- which doesn't take too long when your throwing a ball! Don't even go there unless you have at least a half an hour to spend doing so.
Anyways, enough about our nut case dog who lives up to his name!

Today's agenda:
  • Give Chaos a bath! --- Okay, typing that was the easy part! Doing it = something else altogether.
  • Clean up the bathroom after the fiasco!
  • Rest! {A hour and a half should do it.}
  • Clean up the house; take something out for tonight's dinner, and fix a light brunch so Don can eat before going into work.
  • Get some stamping and ATC's created for the Postage ATC Swap.

and deal with whatever transpires in the middle of it all! I hope your morning is as glorious as mine! {smiles}

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