Friday, September 22, 2006

Coming Soon: Some new arty creations.....

I was a little restless last night so I headed out to the studio and grabbed a box of stamps that would fit into a 12x12 drawer, a variety of inks, and a lot of tags and envelopes! I sat and stamped and stippled with ink to create some pieces that can be embellished further and use within a variety of artwork projects.

I have gone through some phases with this way of creating, thinking I should create some smaller things for use in some bigger projects, but last night is the first time I've really acted on the idea without a specific project in mind. Unfortunately, my scanner isn't working.... I may have to re-install it completely. So, in the meantime, I've decided to continue to embellish and once they are finished, I'll capture a digital photograph of them; hence, the "Coming Soon" caption....

I also think that I may have stumble upon a really cool stamped design that I can use to create the Postage Stamp ATC's! Creating them is my next project so that I can have them postal before the actual due date as they will be going to Canada.

I also heard that I've an Art Idea Journal from the RR heading my way... Whoo-hoo! with that one, I've two to go. It has been an absolutely amazing journey with this RR..... 17 participants, over a year and half in the making, and now being in the home stretch! I am excited knowing my own journal is only one participant away from me.... in the hands of the girl who mails to me! Come home to momma, Baby! It will be an adventure in and of itself in figuring out how I will bind it into a book. I blogged regarding some thoughts and ideas previously..... just need to re-read and re-evaluate them when the time comes.

I am desiring to begin working on creating some Christmas gifts soon. I don't have a lot to do; just enough to keep some of the expenses of gift-giving down using items that I already own and my own two hands! So, I'll be slowing down a bit on the swapping for a while until these things are created.

Something else that has been on my mind for quite some time now is to possibly open up an Etsy shop. I've some ideas for some handmade items that I can create and add. I don't think that project will be started before the New Year, but I am considering all the possibilities of doing it. I just need to get my butt in gear and get those ideas out of my head and created. In the meantime, I can be setting up everything else that it will take to make it successful, such as the packaging, shipping, and mailing of items. And start creating them..... I guess I'll never know if it will be a success unless I just do it!

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