Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Creative dreams...

What does red, green, gold, and a hint of orange paint, images stamped in black staz-on ink upon tissue paper, and acrylic floor polish have in common? A dream! I woke up dreaming about a wonderful collage that I was I happily pouring my heart and soul into.

In all of about 5 minutes, I lay in awe of the short amount of time it took to create this... {That is the wonderful thing about dreaming about creating art....... there is no time spent waiting for things to dry! LOL!} I created with abandon as I painted a base coat of red acrylic paint around the edges of an canvas illustration board. I sang {out of tune, of course!} while stippling on a beautiful shade of green, mixed with an olive green; then moved onto a new stipple brush filled the most beautiful shade of yellow withjust a hint of a golden brown, --- so that it glowed like gold. Another stipple brush, with a trickle of bright orange just to add the right amount of contrast formed an amazing background. {Hmmh, maybe I'm seeing so much Basic Grey paper in the publications I've been reading...}

A ladies beautiful face stamped using black Staz-on onto tissue paper and adhere using Golden's Gel Medium over the background and the tissue paper simply disappeared. A layer of Future floor polish, and another image, this time a beautiful red rose was added, before another layer of acrylic sheen. Last but not least, was a beautiful bee stamp added to the lower right corner. In my dream, this was the most beautiful collage, filled with depth and crystal clear. Hmmm, maybe I'm on to something........... I'll have to look in the studio today to see what I have to play with and go shopping for some floor polish!!! Anyways, my dream was so vivid it seemed so real that I woke myself actually reaching out to touch this amazingly beautiful collage. What a way to start my day!

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