Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It feels great to be setting some artistic goals and meeting them. Today, I mailed out Lianne's deco, Vicki's Art Idea Journal, my two swap participants packages in the Variety Collage Swap, and Lisa's ATC's!!!!!

I have almost 30 days before my next swap is due to be postal... a Postage ATC Swap. While I sat and sketched some recent ideas for cards, I quickly realized that those same sketches could be used for ATC's --- only on a smaller scale. I instantly felt drawn to one sketch, so I expanded on the idea by drawing out the thoughts I was envisioning. This is something that I hardly ever do... but as I worked on the sketch, ideas began to flow regarding ink colors, technique ideas, ways in which to embellish, and some possible titles for the ATC itself. I thought it would be fun to see both the sketch as I envision it and just how close the actual ATC that I will create will be. You see that is one of the things I have a quirk with when it comes to sketches, I can't seem to follow them to the letter, LOL! I always think what if I add this or change this just a bit. Therefore, I often just wing it!

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