Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More ideas....

As I worked around our house, dusting, vacuuming, doing all the boring stuff, LOL! I got to thinking about another thing that I am literally not too happy with currently. The TV! Now I love the TV; don't get me wrong there --- I hate the stand beside it that holds the electrical components. I have thought for years about how I'd like to one day have and entertainment center surrounding it and always envisioned one with cabinets below, shelves above flanking it on both sides and a bridge across the top, only to get discourage on where the heck I'd place it within the room!

For some strange reason today, the solution simply came to me. One piece of cabinetry, on one side, with shelving the height of the TV, a bridge overtop for a nice table top display --- possibly something as simple as some greenery and a hurricane vase with a candle, and a single sheet of wood down the opposite side. The cabinetry wouldn't necessary have to be made too wide, approx. 16-18"; just enough to hold the CD player, digital cable box, and the surround system. A small cabinet on the bottom wouldn't create a large area for a lot of clutter either! So, don't be too surprised if you read my blog sometime next year and I'm trying out my woodcrafting skills, LOL!

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