Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Okay, common sense won out...

I decided since this is the first time I've ever create a silkscreened print, I better follow all the instructions to the letter. So, therefore, I went back and brushed on screen filler to the remaining areas of the screen frame on both sides. I left a 1" border around the frame as this does need to be taped off. Taping this off assists with the screen not getting stretched out of shape, which is difficult to happen unless you aren't doing something right. It is a squeegee for christ's sake that runs smoothly over the silk screen. At least, I managed to also "patch" my holes that weren't sealed in the process.

I'm excited now... being so close to being able to try my first print. It sucks not having the tape. Don's off tomorrow so we're gonna have to rectify that and he will be here to help/assist. Wish me the best of luck: I'd love to get a great impression on the first try!

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