Thursday, September 28, 2006

Various works in progress...

Today I cut out my base cardstock for the Postage ATC's swap and stamped out a card as to hold my return postage, serve as a, " Thank you for hosting card", and hold my Hostess RAK. I need to make a run out to the studio to get some parchment paper and actual postage stamps since I brought the majority of stamps into the house when I was creating the recent tags I created. My objective for the day is to begin working on those. As the ink is drying, and the embossing is done, I can set them aside to be finished up one day this week... probably on Saturday while Don is working. This is my final swap commitment, other than the pre-existing Art Idea Journal RR, so that I can focus on getting the Christmas gifts I need to create, created.

I need to begin on Mieke's Art Idea Journal. Creating my whimsical writing pages as I watch TV in the evenings so that I can get her pages created. I will be wainting for pages from Christy to arrive to include in so I have some time on them. Hopefully by next weekend, this will be ready to mail.

I'm in the process of juggling a few projects. Two banners --- one halloween one to hang in my home --- a combination of bats and pumpkins; the other is a banner for my studio that will have a bird theme and spell out the word, "FLY" I'm hoping to complete it then stencil, "allow your creative dreams to" above it on my wall above my journaling/stamping table.

I think that once my studio is re-organized once again, I will move some of the shelving on the slatwall just so it isn't in the straight line it is now, but stair stepped and allowing me to display more of my artwork and the trinkets and treasures that I love. Trust me, if $$$ wasn't an object, it would already be done, LOL! Well, I cannot quite say that as some pieces are artwork that I've yet to create...

I also sat down and sketched some ideas and inspiration for decorating my studio with artwork on Monday before Amber arrived. {Some of it is inspiration that I've found online created by many other artists; while others from ideas in magazines, and notes that I have made for some things I'd like to create over the years.} My desire is for the artwork is that it is not only eye candy, but functional as well. I've started on some of them, remember the Artistic inbox that I created back in August?, while various others are waiting to be born. Working on Christmas gifts will be taking priority in my life soon, so I'll have to work on these whenever I can. Of course, there are a variety of other projects, but there is no way that I am even thinking of starting any of them just yet. I definately need to start tying up some of these loose ends first. But hey, a girl can dream!

I am one can shy of having all the cans that I am desiring to make into Tinnies for holding my colored pencils. I decided I'd like to divide my 120 count box of Primsmacolor pencil by color and one extra for accessories. Now, I need to sort through my printed paper to determine if I have enough papers in a vintage styleto tie in with the old world theme within my studio. I also need to go through my stash of ephemera so that I can make some copies of those that I am desiring to use to decorate them. I can see them finished in my mind's eye. I am also desiring to get back to creating my neglected gratitude garland and start creating another shrine, so I'll be digging out some cigar boxes and wooden boxes to prep soon. Unfortunately, there is only so many hours in a day that I set aside to creating and crafting!

I will upload some photographs soon, I promise. {My scanner is acting up so all artwork will have to be captured with my digital until I get that straightened out again.}

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