Friday, August 24, 2007

At A Crossroad...

To say the least, Life has been interesting this past week. As I've decided to simply give myself permission to pursue whatever my heart has desired moment to moment. I've accomplished some of the things I've set out to do, like cooking and cleaning our home, spending time with my dear daughter, Amber, and of course, Alexxis! Don and I have taken a few short, closer to home, road trips, mainly to accomplish some shopping for household goods and spent a little bit of time re-connecting with a few friends we've not seen in awhile.

I actually found a few hours yesterday to create several pages of sketches for creating somethings I've been desiring to create. Mostly Christmas decorations, but I even experimented a bit with some crepe paper streamers making pleats, stitching a running stitch through the center and edges, gathering it up --- just simply playing and discovering some of the possibilities I could use this stuff for within my artwork. As I worked, the desire to sketch more of my thoughts and ideas hit me and I began to seriously consider creating a sketchbook filled with some examples, colored penciled images, and photographs once the items are completed but I resisted the urge to start it just yet. For now the loose leaf sheets of paper with my sketches, thoughts, and notes, or "the breathings of my heart" as William Wadsworth would say, about how to go about actually constructing these things will have to work as I still search to determine what it is I am desiring to do. I found the inspiration online and like many other things in my life that I've seen and thought to myself, "I could make that!" LOL! I'm certain that I'm not alone here! Anyways, I'm inspired to actually begin doing so... creating them. Not that I'm against purchasing some of these items, in fact, in the future I may just end up doing just that to save some time.

I am considering applying for another job. It is 12 hours a day --- I know... and "No. I'm not crazy!", remember, I said, "considering". Anyways, it is for only 3 days a week, all weekends. 36 hours in total. Of course, it would take me a day just to get rested up afterwards, but the thought of having 4 glorious days to accomplish whatever and the increased in income coming into our home once again is beginning to look very appealing. I'm do have admit though, I am a bit hesitant to take that leap! All the "what if's" are rearing their heads but it is a risk I'm going to have to take sooner or later so I'm thinking why not just get it over with? If nothing else, it will be another learning experience that may just help me figure out whatever it is that I do want to do with my life! And, of course, there are several other options... unfortunately, staying at home and doing nothing isn't one of them. {grin} as lovely as that sounds.... Anyways, I'm considering it...

Today promises to be a very enjoyable day for me as I've a hair appointment with Rita. I so enjoy her company and friendship so I'm looking forward to that. Also, earlier in the week, Don and Shawn made several new purchases for some T-shirt, transfer, and vinyl sign-making equipment that has finally arrived and I want to check it out at the store. Needless to say, my thoughts have been brewing in that area as well. So, it is simply a matter of trying new things, testing the water --- so to speak as I continue on figuring things out for myself. The good news is that I don't have to be in too much of a hurry to do it, but be quick enough so that these opportunities don't pass me by. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I'm outta here... getting ready to start my day... {*waves* and Thanks for visiting!}

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