Friday, September 14, 2007

A Replica of an Antique Sewing Spool...

I've had this wooden prim style thread spool for quite some time. On a recent message board, someone requested ideas and suggestions for decorating some antique sewing spools so here is my suggestion in action. I couldn't resist attempting to create it and love the finished result. I tea-stained the measuring tape twill purchased from Michael's, used my hot glue gun to adhere it before winding it around the spool and a rusty pin secures the twill ribbon on the front side.
I can envision these spools with a puncushion on the tops, perhaps created using homespun fabrics, or a miniature prim stitchery. Perhaps, adding a vintage or B&W sewing photographs adhere to the top or even to a hang tag for further decoration. Wouldn't this be adorable created using some favorite homespuns cut in 1" strips and joined by sewing into one long continous strip of fabric? Can you envision a group of them in co-ordinating homespuns and cottons filling a basket? How pretty!
The tag is created using a rubber stamp; also, purchased at Michael's and discovered in the $1 bin. It reads, " Life is a great bundle of little things" Oliver Wendall Homes, which this vignette certainly is. Enjoy!

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