Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another jewelry piece...

While looking in my clear art supply containers for a black bead for the previously created piece, I stumbled upon a few photo charm frames I had previously purchased. Since I love the pin, I thought why not create myself a beautiful pendant?

As I was creating this one, I began feeling a great sense of pride. Do you see that background? That is the first background that I have created in Photoshop CS3 using brushes sucessfully! I've been attempting to play around in Photoshop as I'm desiring to use it to enhance my paper arts artwork. And what a learning experience it has been! I'm not familiar with Photoshop at all; have no experience whatsoever using it so anything that I create and is actually use-able is a treasure to me. Anyways, these will look wonderful hanging on my "Remains To Be Seen" tree until I decide to actually wear them!

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