Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My "Art Inchie" pin...

K&Company has had these Frippery do-it-yourself jewelry kits on the the market for some time now. The kits include everything you need to create your own one of a kind bracelet, necklace, pin, or earrings so when I seen this Phoebe Medallion Pin kit while out yesterday, I quickly wondered if just maybe, possibly my newly created "inchies" would fit inside. Of course, I had to purchase two of them just to find out!

This morning, as I opened one of the two kits, I immediately felt drawn to this black and white polka-dotted sticker background. There was a printed text in the center of it which, of course, somehow got covered up when I laid my inchie on top of it and I quickly discovered that my inchie would need to be trimmed just the slightest bit in order to fit but that was no real problem --- one little snip with my trusty scissors and viola! Next, I simply needed to adhere my inchie to the sticker background. Hmm, sticker, slick surface... but I figured double-side photo squares would work so after adhereing 4 of them, overlapped a bit onto the back of my inchie, I was all set to adhere it onto the sticker. I attempted to center it but it was a bit tricky since first of all my "inchie" is now a bit smaller than an inch and the sticker is approximately 1"x2". Can you say, "tiny"? So I opted to not even attempt that, I decided to simply allow a bit of the background text to show through along the top side as a border. The next step was to adhere the clear dome sticker onto the artwork. As I overlayed the clear dome, I noticed that the dome itself wasn't as big at the sticker itself so I had to quickly determine where to place it and decided to just center it within the width of the piece and finally, I was ready to peel the sticker off and place it within the medallion.

The kit also includes 3 beads and 4 head pins, I thought I'd like to add some beads to dangle on the bottom of mine. Anyways, 4 headpins later, I quickly discovered that I'm no jeweler. I gained an entirely new respect for anyone who can create those beautiful little beaded things to add to jewelry and artwork! Out of four, I successfully managed to create one an used a jump ring to add it to the lower right. Now, I am desiring to purchase a box of head pins so that I practice, and possibly later on add another of the same color bead to the left side and a beautiful faceted black bead to the center. Anyways, I'm excited about creating it and can't wait to actually wear it!

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