Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Still pluggin' away...

The past two days have gone by in a whirlwind of activity as I continue to plug away at our home. We haven't cut the wood that we'll use for the chair rail, the computer is in the exact same area of our living room as it was in my previous post, and the hutch hasn't been touched nor moved, so what have I doing? Hmm, making preparations to get the above things done.

I decided it would be easier to pack up our summer things, unpack our winter clothes without the computer, desk, and printer in my way. I have one small closet and dresser in the baby's nursery/laundry room and Don and I share a larger walk-in closet in our bedroom. We also have two dressers in our bedroom, his is a large chest while mine is a large dresser with a mirrored hutch. Thankfully, I emptied and gave away another large dresser with a hutch that I'd previously purchased for Alexxis. I give it to Amber and Chris for assisting us pick up and move our new sofa and coffee tables or I would have had that to content with too.

Our closets was a mess! Don kept up with our home's laundry while worked 58 hours a week over the summer and let's just say that although I appreciated his help greatly, we definitely have our own ways of doing things. I found that I couldn't have hung up another shirt and squeezed it in my closet as items of clothing were hung on hangers that I would have folded and placed in the drawers. And my dresser drawers, heck, they were nearly empty, LOL! So, I spent my day rectifying that!

Next on the agenda... is to dust the nursery/laundry room completely and shampoo the carpet. This shouldn't take me too long as we've pretty much kept up with it other than the clothing issue. After these things are completed, I'll be able to move the computer in clearing the way for the chair rail to be installed, the hutch and the recliner to be moved.

In the evening last night, Don and I ventured out to Hobby Lobby to look at table top lamps. I didn't see anything that I desired but did use a few as an example of what I'm looking for in the event that Don should spy something that I don't while we're shopping. I did purchase a footed glass and lidded container that I'd been eyeing for awhile. How could I resist when it was 50% off? I'm excited to fill it with candy, fruits, nuts, and berries, perhaps a candle --- although, not all at the same time, LOL! I also spied a beautiful eagle figurine that would have been perfect for the old pass-through window/niche in the wall of the living room, unfortunately it was chipped in a lot of places so we passed it on by.

Today, promises to be yet another busy day. Only this one is a pleasure trip, providing me with a break from the house and all the work I've been doing. Don needs to make a trip to Columbus to one of the warehouses for the store and afterwards, we're going to stop at a few places in search of lamps. Wish us luck!

Yesterday, while working away, I was reminded that we've a wedding to prepare for. Since we are getting married here in our home on December the 8th, with a few close family members and friends in attendance, I need to get to work on mailing the invitations and take stock of our Christmas decorations to see what we'll use to decorate where. There are so many decisions to make as far as what food we'll serve; we're thinking buffet style appetizers since we're doing an evening ceremony and where the heck am I going to put a tree? Of course, my mind began whirling with thoughts and ideas, a mental list was made of things we need to get done, and purchases to be made! I guess this busy-ness isn't going to end anytime soon...

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