Monday, October 29, 2007

Early yesterday morning, we made the trip to Dalton, Ohio and back once again. It was a gorgeous fall morning; with a cool, crisp fall nip in the air, some patchy, dense fog in some areas, with just enough sunshine to burn it off. Ohio is truly beautiful this time of year, the trees are absolutely spectacular displaying their autumn glory only a few days past their peak, farmers are busy clearing the crops are from the fields, and the reflections of both trees and the bluest sky reflect into many of the ponds and streams we passed by along the way made for a wonderful sight-seeing day. As the morning advanced, it was the perfect mix of coolness and sunshine that made for one amazing road trip, not to mention, the anticipantion and the company we shared. Being a Sunday, we had no problems with traffic and it seemed everyone else was slowing down to enjoy nature's bounty, as well.

After we arrived safely back home with only a few minor incidents, we spent approximately a half hour unloading. Once that was done, "Thank you's" were said, Don ran Chris and Shane back home, as I set about doing some spot cleaning, began putting the legs on the coffee tables and end stands, before finally deciding to move the hutch once again.

When Don return, we began setting things into place and things began working just as I had originally envisioned them. While Don set out to whip us up a meatloaf for dinner {Yes! He can cook a few things; I taught him!}, I focused my attention to what items I desired to return to the room and where I desired to place them. Some of our home decor items look as if they've lived there in that spot all our lives. That's the magic that I love, when things seem to come all together, falling into place. It will still take a few days before that happens as I've decided to make a few minor adjustments and changes in the rooms.

One is a small structural change utilizing an extra piece of the stained baseboard to add a chair rail just to the left of our front door as I want to place our recliner there. Since the recliner rocks and that wall has been painted, I think utilizing a chair rail would be for the best. The other is more of a rearrangement, as I'm desiring to remove my computer from the room and replace it with the hutch. I believe this, will help establish more of designed area, resembling a walk-in foyer providing us an area to greet family and guests.

And speaking of guests, we have one! She joined us for dinner and has been the most entertaining soul even though she's been suffering a little with a autumn cold. At the moment, she is currently sound asleep in her nursery at grandma's. {smiles} Well, it's late... I've had a long, long day so I'm going to go now. I'll post some pictures soon, I promise.

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