Friday, October 19, 2007

An unexpected surprise...

Don and I finally got on the road late in the afternoon to head over to Dalton, Ohio to visit Dalton Direct Furniture. For the most part, the weather was great, a bit partly cloudy and overcast, not to windy, and the sunshine peeked warmly out of the clouds on and off as the day progressed. As we traveled making the close to 100 mile trip, we further discussed our hopes and dreams for our living room, tossing out ideas, discussing them, before moving on to another aspect of the room and throwing our more ideas for further discussions.

Before leaving home, we worked together on making a rough sketch of the room, after all, how hard is to draw a large, rectangular box? LOL! Anyways, we drew in the windows and doors in the area, measured all the wall spaces, door openings, and windows, in an attempt to avoid any disasters before they occured. We both realized that there is nothing worst than shopping for furniture, finding the perfect piece or pieces, only to realize once it is delivered, that it won't fit in the space you have available because it too big or too small. But any ole' how, we had a general idea of items we were searching for... coffee table, end stands, and perhaps, a new kitchen table.

So, upon our arrival, we looked at those first. We really didn't see anything that caught our eyes. Of course, there were various coffee tables and end stands but somehow either the style wasn't right, or the scale of the pieces, or we didn't care for the too light or the too dark finishes on them. So we continued looking; this time, we moved onto kitchen tables. I have to tell you, the selection in this place is amazing! Every style you could imagine, available in a wide-variety of finishes and stains. They will even custom finish the pieces that they create for you.

So, while we are browsing, we found a lot of pieces we could instantly love but either the scale of them or the finish wasn't what we had in mind. And we really don't "need" a kitchen table, ours is well, functional, nice to look at, and easy to use for both ourselves and for entertaining. The only reason we're looking at them, is they carry them here, and the table and chairs we own are a bit cumbersome to move around and we thought we'd look for something on a smaller scale while we were here.

Anyways, there are two spaces to shop there at Dalton Direct Furniture. One is a large, and do mean LARGE warehouse. The other is a row of buildings with quaint little storefronts along the outside, which is actually one large store inside. So, we ventured in. Inside is more furniture and home decor items as this place sells everything from furniture for every room in your home, to pictures, floral arrangements, curtains, lace, and home decor accessories. We're certain to find something we like. Just as I enter the store and to my right, tucked into the corner is a smaller scaled corner curio cabinet. I feel in love with it instantly! How charming! I thought. "Isn't that beautiful?" I ask Don, who nods in agreement, stating that he likes it too. So, we venture further in and to the the right of the store when I see something that catches my eye, a coffee table and an end stand! So we move in for closer inspection. Instantly, I fell in love with the pieces. Not only is the coffee table and end stands perfect in every way, there is this gorgeous pine green fabric-cover couch directly behind it that contains the same finish as the tables and the scroll design upon them. Your kidding, right? was my first reaction. I don't have this kind of luck, I think to myself. Turning towards Don, I see that he's picked up {by radar, perhaps?} what I've seen. He nods once again in agreement as I make my way over to sit upon it. Instantly, I just knew, this is it; this is what I want. We check the price tags, begin adding them up in our pretty little heads and instantly know it is a little more than what we bargained for spending right now...'s so perfect. Not just for me but for him as well. We both know that money isn't the problem as we have a bit more than the amount of these desired items in our savings but me being the more conservative type, I decide to continue looking and give it a bit more thought.

So, we browse more... discuss this and that, see things we like, make comments on them, only to return to look at the couch, coffee, table and end stands once more. I know somehow in my heart that these pieces are what we want. I can envision them in our home, us living and loving our family and friends with them in use. "We'll take these..." I hear myself to Mark, the owner. Don is as shocked as I am! "And the little corner curio just inside the door."

I'm absolutely beaming as we all begin working together to write our order up and make the down-payment. Mark informs me it maybe a week before the furniture arrives and that we'll need to arrange pick up since we live so far away. Not a problem, Don and I respond, in unison. We've found it! What we desire to add to our home; perfect for both of us and for our family and friends. I can't wait to take some pictures and share with you, I think you will agree with our decision. In the meantime, there's work to be done and preparations to be made...

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