Friday, October 19, 2007

More on our redecorating project...

Do you remember me saying that I believe in using what I have to decorate? Well, that will certainly be a major issue for us as we work to accomplish this project. While shopping yesterday at Dalton Direct Furniture and finding the perfect couch, coffee table and end stands, I noticed that they had the pieces displayed with a couple leather recliners. Don and I really liked them and as we were leaving and making our way back HOME {I so love that word and the images it conjures up!}, I mentioned it to him. Our conversation went something like this:

Me. "Did you notice how they had the leather recliners displayed with the couch and tables?"
Don. "Yes, I did."
Me. "Did you like that?"
Don. "Yes, I did."
Me. "What do you think about doing this? Bringing the in the leather recliner that I purchased for my studio? We could place the corner curio cabinet in the southwest corner of the room, the couch in front of the picture window, and one end stand in the northwest corner. Throw in a large rug on the wood floor and set the coffee table upon it. If we added the recliner, we'd still have one end stand to place beside it."
Don. "I like that idea but we only have one recliner."
Me. "Honey, it will still work as we really don't have the space for two of them."
Don. "I guess your right."
Me. "Remember that rug I purchased for the studio to set the recliner on? What if we used it? It's a lighter shade of green than the couch but I believe it would work."
Don. "We'll have to check that out."

As we continued talking, discussing our plans and options for our living room, we began mentioning accessories. A new ceiling light fixtures, a rug, adding lamps, artwork, ect. I could feel the excitement we both have for this project begin to build and begin to take on a life all its own. We both realize that with the recent purchases that we've made, we'll need to wait to add a few things, like a new set of lamps, etc. but that also gives us the time we will need to get all the other preparations in place and find exactly what it is were looking for. We continued talking, throwing out suggestions and ideas; discussed the work needing to be completed, and the arrangements we'd need to make to pick up the furniture next week. As we talked, the time flew by, and it didn't seem too long we were turning into our driveway. Shortly after arriving, we headed out to my studio to see what we had there that we could utilize. We moved Amber's couch to get to the rug and recliner and set them aside for moving into the house later and began talking some more. As we both looked around the space, we mentioned adding this and that, talking about pictures and a variety of items. Of course, we'll have to play with pieces to see what works in the room once it is finished and the furniture is picked up but thankfully we've a lot of possibilities.

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