Sunday, November 04, 2007

Because "Every Day Matters"

Yesterday, I took the day off from the flurry of our recent activities. I spent time simply relaxing, uploading the previous pictures and descriptions, creating the flipbook, and enjoying the early morning and afternoon hours of the day. It felt great to see the results of all of our recent hard work, taking a moment to be creative --- even if was on the computer, and just savor these moments of being in the here and now.

Don arrived home shortly after 4 p.m. and we began traveling to Polaris Parkway having decided to have a nice steak dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Along the way, we discussed a few stops we'd like to make, purchases that we'd decided that still needed to be made, and expressed our intentions to stop at Lowes and Home Depot to look once again at pendant lighting. We've been discussing the possibility of replacing the ceiling fan over the newly decorated room with a new ceiling light fixture. {I cropped it from the previous pictures because I really dislike how it looks in the room but trust me, its still there!}

After eating a wonderful dinner, talking with Keith the new assistant manager, we made a quick trip into Target to pick up a bottle of shampoo I'd forgotten to grab earlier in the week. We took a brief tour through the Christmas section, simply looking, before making our way to the checkout.

Our next stop was into Old Navy where we purchased some new socks and a winter hat and mittens for little Miss Adorable before heading next door to World Market to see what offerings may be there in table lamps fixtures. That proved to be a wasted effort as I don't believe paper lanterns or patio lights are going to work, but "Hey! you don't know, til you know!" Upon making our way back to the Jeep, I mentioned perhaps we just ought to check out JC Penney's. I'd seen a set of lamps online that could possibly work in the room at a price that wouldn't put a major dent in the pocketbook, so perhaps it would be worth taking a look there. So, Don, following my lead, turns to inquire of someone exiting their vehicle about the location of JC Penney's at the Polaris Mall directly across the street. Having the information we needed, we ventured over to the mall, found the store easy enough and a parking spot.

Yesterday, many retail stores offered "Super Saturday" sales and discounts due to a predicted drop in the Christmas retail season and Penney's was no different. Upon entering we saw signs offering everything in Home Goods at 20% savings on already lowered prices. As made a detour for a restroom break, I continued on to home lighting and browsed through the lamps available. That's when I spotted a set of lamps, already on clearance, with a 20% off. When Don caught up with me, I began showing him and a sales person approached us to inform us that any purchases made over $50.00 were eligible for another 15% off. Quickly doing the math, we decided these were the lamps for us! We made out with a beautiful set of lamps at a substantial savings. Perhaps, needless to say, after purchasing the set of lamps, we decided to skip shopping for the pendant lighting; we'll need to save some $$$ and purchase one in the not so far off future.

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