Sunday, November 04, 2007

Here is a picture of the lamps that we purchased in our living room. They are wooden based with beautiful gold leafed acanthus leaves.

This photgraph is the entire room as it looks this morning. It also demonstrates why we need lighting, not just for performing certain tasks. It is an overcasted, partly clouded day here in Ohio and room needs the light to warm it up and say, "Welcome Home."

Aren't they gorgeous? Well, Don and I think so and that is what is truly important, living with what you love!

While talking with my sister, Mary, via telephone last night, our conversation turned to our recent decorating. Mary loves the room and believes Don and I have done a fantastic job at a substancial savings for everything we purchased. We also talked about the quality of the furniture, during our conversation, I mentioned that not only do we love what we've accomplished, but that we're preserving history for these pieces will one day become tomorrow's antiques. {smile} I loved that thought, perhaps one day my granddaughter, Alexxis will treasure them as much as we do today.

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