Sunday, November 18, 2007

Desiring to experiment some more using Photoshop, I purchased a few more digital kits I'd been coveting. {I see how that can become addicting! So many beauties to choose from!} I narrowed it down to just two and those were from and are Snowflakes and A Little Christmas by Rhonda Farrer. I thought I'd use some of those designs along with the 'Tis the Season kit and design some quick pages to print for use in a wedding album for Don and I. Undecided as far as what size to actually create, I went with resizing them to 8x8's since the dates on the calendar are getting closer than they actually appear, reality struck that I'm probably not going to get a guest book created in this short amount of time. So I reconsidered that and am leaning towards simply making and printing some 4x6 cards for our wedding guests, perhaps binding them together so I can add them to our Wedding album at a later date! I can work these pages in to a 12x12 and make the entire album interactive! Of course, that will be a major work in progress but so fun to do!

Later in the morning, I shared a few hours with Miss Adorable. Alexxis discovered a box of newly purchased shatter-proofed red and gold Christmas ornaments and had a blast playing with those. Of course they were glittered, so by the time she was through both of us were ordorned with a Christmas shimmer and shine. Later, we went out to lunch with her daddy and grandma Nancy and our conversation turned back to wedding preparations, cake decorating, and planning. I returned home for a short rest prior to going and assisting Don at the store. Hey! A girl has to earn some $$$ to pay for all these wonderful little goodies that need to be purchased yet.

Today, promises to be yet another busy day. In just a little while, our home will "come alive" as we begin to get ready to make a trip to Garden Ridge to purchase the white tulle, lights, and greenery for decorating the outside of our home. Unfortunately, our trip will have to be cut short as we'll be meeting with our minister @ 4:00 this afternoon to discuss the ceremoney, do a brief rehearsal, and make any last minute revisions and changes. Hopefully, there won't be two many of those. I believe if we have any energy left, Don and I will begin moving the Christmas boxes down out of the attic so we can take inventory of what we have, fix anything that requires fixing, so I can begin the interior decorating this week. I'm excited as that is what I so love to do: decorate! Anything and everything!

Before I sign off, I want to say, "Thank you" to everyone who has visited and left me a comment recently. Those words mean so much to me and I appreciate them dearly. It's nice to know that the words I write here aren't just being sent out into cyberspace, read only by my sister {who NEVER posts, LOL!} I wish things were not so... in fast-forward mode so I could respond to everyone personally... in the future, I promise! {*ta-ta for now....*}

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Pat Winter said...

I am so excited for you. Planning a wedding for yourself and knowing what you want..too fun..what a dream!
The white girl outline on sled is adorable! You are having way too much fun! Keep sharing.