Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a glimmer of hope

Feeling a bit intimidated to begin creating any of my loose leaf pages today, I decide to begin by creating something small. I hesitated to even get started, wondering "what if"... I've forgotten how to create; if it, or worse yet, I, am not good enough; and what happens if it turns out differently than the way I expected it to?

I knew in my heart there was only one way to find out and that was to push my doubts aside and go with the flow. What's the worst that could happen? Perhaps, I'd waste a bit of ink, paper, and glue? Feeling braver, I decided to create a smaller book that could be attached to a book cover for my project later. As I worked, the ideas started to flow and I simply allowed the piece to take me where it wanted to be. The words are a reflection of the thoughts and feelings I experienced along the way.

I scanned it using a sheet of black cardstock to present a border for the scanned piece although it isn't actually attached to anything. I love the contrast, prehaps, I'll create a black book cover or use black in my cover design as I continue to work.

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