Monday, November 05, 2007

Now that our remodeling/decorating project is nearly complete, my mind almost instantly begins asking, "Now What?" I know we have the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and our December 8th wedding will soon capture more and more of our attention so whatever I may begin has to be something that I can easily lay aside. I also have more organizing that I'm desiring to get started and finished up, one them is re-organizing my art supplies that I'm keeping in our home.

Lately my heart has been whispering, "create art" and I've listened whenever possible for me to do so. I completed a few little projects that I haven't yet shared as I haven't taken the time to photograph them yet, but for quite some time I've been longing to begin working on a new altered book. Somewhere along the way, my desire changed as I don't want to be limited by any book binding and the amount of space I can use as far the page size and the thickness of a book, so I've decided to simply create some loose-leaf collages and pages. I figure I can use eyelets and metal rings to bind it all together and add some created book covers to at a later date. With that thought in mind, I remember the Art Idea Journal Round Robin that I had participated in a few years ago, so I headed out to the studio to gather up the journal and sat comfortably in the house last night reviewing it. I must admit this project has been one my favorites ever since completing it and it is filled with a wealth of information and ideas for creating with paper arts. I feel bad that I've neglect using it before now!

To remedy that I headed back out to the studio to put together some papers, embellishments, and adhesives to get me started. I was already set to start playing when I realized that I had an obligation to a member of a longtime group to fulfill first. So, I worked on creating a card to get into the mail today. Now that is out of my way and I can begin to focus my attention on this for awhile. I don't like having too many unfinished items in progress, in fact, I find it distracting, and before I know it, having too many things going on all at once inhibits me creatively. So, the game plan is to have my crazy quilt project to work on when I'm uninspired working on this altered book form, participate in a some ATC swaps as I can create a few extras to incorporate into the book, and both of these things will allow me time to enjoy other areas of our lives. So, expect to see more of an eclectic mix here on my blog, some of them splattered with ART!

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