Thursday, November 29, 2007

I cannot believe that almost a week has flown by since my last post! Don and I have been ever so busy. During the last week, we've done some shopping, ran into a few old friends neither of us had seen in a while, completed a couple of trial runs in preparation of our wedding, put up our Christmas tree, and myrid of other things too numerous to mention.

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon in Rita's salon, where we experimented with hairstyles for my wedding. I had done a bit of browsing online for some short, yet elegant, hairstyles, but discovered very few for weddings. There's a ton of long updo's that are absolutely gorgeous, however, I'm not desiring to add hair extensions as I've been receiving far too many compliments since I've been wearing it short. I took along my long sheer sleeved white satin blouse that I'll be wearing for my wedding, with the gorgeous black heels that Don discovered and choose for me to wear, in hopes that they would assist Rita in envision something elegant for me.

What I should have remembered is that Rita can do the most amazing things to my hair, and amaze me she did! She created a very soft, feminine, style that was very stylish from the front and sides with a ton of curls in the back. I never imagined my short hair could do that! Using several bridal floral picks I'd brought along, Rita experimented placing them within my hair. We decided to remove several flowers from one, placing it a bit above and behind my right ear, while strands of pearls we'd removed from other floral picks were tucked and woven into the curls in the back. After spraying with hairspray to hold everything in place, she sprayed my hair with this magnificant fine silver glitter spray. The final result was so enchanting, we both immediately exclamed, "This is it!"

While there, still sitting, relaxing, and simply visiting with Rita, a few of her other patrons {Who gave me the most wonderful compliments on the clothing I'd choosen, my shoes, and my hair!} the topic of conversation turned to "the groom" when a lady inquired who I was getting married to. Can you imagine my surprise when I learned that she and her mother {who was also there} had watched Don grow up? They both knew the family and shared so many stories with me about Don as a little boy, and both mentioned his good natured spirit, his soft-compassinate heart, and his determination to not the Cerebral Palsy he was born with interfere in his life. As I sat making a mental list of all his personal attributes, hoping to discover something I can use during the ceremony when we exchange our thoughts and words to one another, I was reminded all over again of why I'm marrying him!


liannallama said...

oh, Cathy! What a sweet story! I can't wait to see pictures of you on your wonderful day--you will be beautiful!

Lisa Renéa said...

Great story Cathy! I'm truly enjoying reading your wedding adventures! Oh, love the bows below this post, too!!