Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Less Than One Week Away!

Don and I are so far behind in what we'd hoped to have accomplished before our wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, I've spent the last 3 of 4 days attempting to fight off an upper respiratory virus that has been plaguing nearly everyone we know. I know that its said one should not "self-medicate" themselves, but with our wedding less than a week away, I felt as if I had no other alternative.  After suffering the first day under a pile of blankets and fleece throws,  shivering so bad my teeth chattered, and experiencing the most awful body aches I've ever experienced in my entire life, I remembered a prescription of antibiotics  that were originally prescribed to me over the summer for a rash {I didn't take them then as I couldn't help but to wonder what the hell that was all about!} As it turns out it is a good thing that I did dose myself  as walking pneumonia is now going around. Anyways, after spending the last four days flat on my back,  today I'm all set and ready to play catch up! Even if it means that we may need to lower our standards of what we'd previously envisioned for  our big day and I have to take a few extra breaks in between all the doings and decorating. Thankfully, the things we have managed to accomplish are done completely, and the things we need to do are small in comparison.


liannallama said...

oh, honey! That is not fair! I hope you can rest up so you feel wonderful on your special day! (((HUGS)))

Cathy said...

Thank you for the "well wishes", Sweetie! I'm feeling better already! :)