Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Total Package...

This is the current area of our living room. Don and I are so happy with the progress that we've made even if we had to complete this project a little at a time. It's definitely been well worth the wait! We both love this space, everything from the color scheme we've choosen, to the pieces of furniture, right down to the accessories that we so carefully chose together from items we've already owned. We're still continuing to look and shop for just the right table lamps and we both desire something a bit chunky at the base with a graceful curve to reflect those in the sofa and endstands. This is a room we can live and love in, not too feminine nor masculine and reflects both of our personalities to a "T". We've accessorized using only a touch of silk greenery and all of our figurines reflect our love of nature! I couldn't resist adding at least one live plant to room, having a two year old lab named Chaos and our 17 month old granddaughter, Alexxis, in our prescence almost daily may turn out to be a challenge so we're taking a wait and see approach to how this is going to work; but overall, both beauty and beast are very well mannered --- at least the majority of the time, LOL!

Please excuse my use of adding a rug underneath the recliner. I assure you this a temporary solution to prevent the recliner from sliding and damaging the wall behind it.

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