Saturday, November 03, 2007

Directly across the room...

Is where I've relocated our hutch. To the left of it is our kitchen doorway which I cropped from the picture. Anyways, the hutch is filled with a few of my favorite stoneware dishes and accessories, the Tea Rose Collection of Pfaltzgraf. I collected these dishes over the years, many were gifts to me from family and friends. They've been well loved and used over the years to celebrate many Mother's Days, Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinners. Some even contain a few cracks and are chipped but I cherish them all the more. There are even more of this collection on a long shelf above the opening in our rear kitchen area, while other pieces are stored in a cabinet.

I accessorized the top and tabletop section of the hutch using a few of my favorite home decor items, many of them hold special memories and remind me of some of the travels Don and I have made over the years, of our favorite places to shop, and family celebrations.

I'm desiring to add some greenery to the top and perhaps a small area rug or a co-ordinating runner on the floor one day... it's one of those "I'll know what it is I want when I see it" type of things that provide us something to look forward to. {smile}

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