Thursday, December 06, 2007

My first waking thought this morning was that in just 3 short days, Don and I will celebrating OUR WEDDING DAY! As I laid in bed, lingering in that moment, I felt the continued sense of peace and tranquility that I'd began experiencing yesterday. It wasn't long before that I realized there is still plenty to do and being the lazy bones that I was being, I knew I needed to get up and start my day! Stetching lazily, I got up, and as I entered into our kitchen, I was greeted by the smell of a fresh brewed pot of coffee. I discovered that I couldn't keep from smiling as I realized it was made with love from the hands of the man I'm going to marry! Don isn't a coffee drinker, so the fact that he often surpises me like this, is always a reminder of his love, caring, and thoughfulness. What a wonderful way to greet the day!

As I set about to filling my coffee cup, thoughts of all that is yet to be completed began to rush in, attempting to fill my head. As I gently pushed them away,I knew instantly how I intended to start my day! I wanted to savor the events and accomplishments of yesterday. As I booted up the computer to begin updating my blog, I sat in silence, listening to quiet hum of the computer and absorbing the heat generating from our home's furnace. My heart began burning with thankfulness, and I took a few moments to offered up yet another sweet, little prayer.

There is still yet a long list of things to hanging and putting out our outdoor decorations, baking and decorating some Christmas cookies, preparing the apettiters for baking on Saturday, and some last minute cleaning after we board Chaos tomorrow. But what yesterday allowed me to do was relax, put things into a renewed sense of perspective, to slow down, lingering, and enjoying the remaining process of it all!

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