Thursday, December 06, 2007

One of our two Christmas Trees

This is one of the two Christmas trees that I've decorated this Christmas season. For a few years now, we've used this tree within our home; the first time being a year and half ago when my first grandchild, Alexxis was born and shared her first Christmas with us. Last year, this tree was adorned with silver and blue shatterproof ornaments. This year, I once again choose shatterproof ornaments, only in a red and gold color scheme. When Don and I decided we'd decorated our home for our upcoming wedding, I changed the theme to red and gold to co-ordinate with our home's kitchen decor. Just a few days ago, I decided I'd love to use this tree on our front porch so later today, we will hanging all the greenery, surrounded in white lights, and white wedding tulle. We've decided to place this tree on a wooden chair beside our front door, and wrap a few faux boxes up as presents to create another small welcoming vignette there for our guests. I'll try to remember to capture a photograph of it on Saturday after we make the move to utilize it there.

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