Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Creative EveryDay 2008

Don't you just love those little reassurances sent from the Universe that let you know you are right where you're meant to be? My entire day, yesterday, was like that! Now, I'm inspired to create a new link for my gratitude garland titled, "Reassurances from the Universe" and have jotted down some thoughts and ideas for it.

Anyways, {don't you just love how I ramble? LOL!} during a visit to my chiropractor for yet another adjustment {which I greatly needed} Don mentioned my desire to make a quick stop into Hobby Lobby and the receptionists there also mentioned it is one of their favorite stores. I suggested having a wonderful breakfast at Perkin's with my husband and I find myself loving him and saying that more and more! We both immensely enjoyed our meals and the time spent together.

Afterwards, I made a quick trip into Hobby Lobby for a package of Creative Paperclay and white floral tape {for my work in progress project} while Don kept our Jeep warm. {Gotta love that! on a cold, winter day!} While there, I couldn't help but to notice some beautiful silk faux palm trees! I've been thinking I'd like some real ones in our living room and not to mention the ones I saw in the Ballard Designs catalog that I previously sketched, hoping to paint "my inspired version" for myself}.

When I returned home and Don was at an dentist's appointment, I opened my email and saw a notification of a posted comment on my blog from my dearest friend, Rebecca! I cannot even begin to describe the warmth I felt I felt in my heart of hearts. {Bec, if you're reading this... I visited and loved your new blog! Cheers to "keeping it real!" I attempted to leave a comment but I'm not certain that it went through. I received a message regarding "team members". Anyways, please email me, Y! messenger me, stay in touch!} I rushed back to my blog to re-read it again, LOL! not quite believing my eyes.

Next, I was reading an email from B'ham friend, Kate. I found comfort in so many of her words and it was great to take a moment to catch up with her. {Sorry, I waited until this a.m. to reply, but I was "in the moment"} Then, I read my Daily OM email, which can be viewed http://www.dailyom.com/articles/2008/12082.html. Talk about re-assuring, it echoed everything I was feeling inside!

While keeping true to my promise of "taking care of me", I re-read some of the information I discovered about menopause @ http://www.womentowomen.com/default.aspx, I felt reassured again that I'm not loosing my mind! It is so nice to know that there are other women who have felt and are feeling the very same way that I do. It's wonderful to know that my signs and symptoms aren't just "in my head". I realized that more research needs to be accomplished by those in the medical fields and that it isn't uncommon for women to feel frustrated with the level of health care available to us during this life cycle. I strongly feel it is important for each and everyone of us to begin to speak out, to have our voices heard! I'm finding more and more information there that I can agree with and find that so rewarding. I look forward to exploring the site more before I make a decision to act by contacting them and consulting this with my own health care provider. I've also decided that I desire to start a new journal, for this alone, to keep a record of all my signs and symptoms as I experience them. Who knows, perhaps, I'll title it "menopausal moments", LOL!

I worked more on my styrofoam, celluclay, paper mache, paper clay project and found I'm making some process. I changed a "nose" I designed to one that I liked better. It isn't so "snowman-ish" looking. I sewed a running stitch through some red and white crepe paper streamers to form a layered collar and played in some red, sparkly glitter!

For dinner, I re-heated a pot of home-made vegetable soup. It warmed both my heart and soul and I found a tag that I had created on August 25, 2007 that I could still connect with. I remembered when I purchased these two of these little K&Company scrapbook tags, thinking I'd love to create either a tag book or add them to an artistic journal --- which I've yet to begin! I'm off to scan and upload it; be back soon, I promise! {{{smiles}}}

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