Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home Decor inspiration

Here are a few of the photographs I've discovered that appeal to me in our home's decor with the new living room area. A few are not perfect as they are shown, but they do offer us possibilities and I believe I can mimic the look cheaper by doing some of the refinishing with paints and Modern Options products. Of course, that requires some work but I do believe I'd enjoy re-doing them.

I absolutely love that chair! Everything from the style, colors, textures, fabrics and those pillows and that throw looks so comfy to me. I can envision this in our home, perhaps a pair of them on the opposite side of the room even with a round table tucked in between. Currently, I own nothing that even resembles that style in a chair, but with yard sales and actions coming up, I just may stumble upon one.

The acanthus leaves shelf style bracket also has a lot of possibilities... from hanging a contrasting piece of fabric to match our sheer curtains to swag over or individually just over the ends of our picture window. I can see them holding a large wooden beam or perhaps used as a shelf below our wall niche, or simply as they are, only darker, more bronzed looking all by themselves and hung on a wall, holding a small plant, or clustered within or surrounding a grouping of B&W photographs and pictures.

Those classic columns certainly offer a lot of potential as well. I envision them tucked into a hard corner to soften it along with the live plant. A few aged pieces of pottery, perhaps surrounding their bases for yet another live plant to live. Love the architechural detail. Again yard sales, salvage shops, ect. may be my best bet for finding them. Another solution would be the ceramic that could be painted and refinished; although, I believe I truly desire wood!

The faux wall treatment appeals to me. I love the parchment like color and the texture. It is much too much to do the entire walls in our space but on the wall where our picture window is, I'm thinking it could add some depth to the space. Even the rough, hand-hewn look of the window frame is gorgeous to me. I love the darker stain. Perhaps because our wooden window trim is in dire need of replacing and is now painted white? To save some money replacing our existing trim, we could easily do them with wide pine boards, like we did with the baseboards and stain them to match!

The acanthus leave bracket would be perfect for adding into the kitchen doorway, again just for detail without being too over the top.

I like the ceiling medallion, only I envsion it painted in a lighter finish than whatever pendant ceiling light fixture we purchase. We're currently eyeballing a bronze one with an golden alabaster style marble glass piece. It would provide a lot of contrast to the white ceiling and assist in defining the space.

When I first saw this urn, I loved the idea of recovering our front porch with some Medittearean style terra cotta style tiles. Of course, since they would be on the porch we'd need texture to prevent anyone from falling, but I could easily see these gracing both sides of our front door. I'd desire them in a medium finish, something aged looking, and perhaps becoming homes to a few topiaries for added height and interest.

These home decor accents are in a bronze finish that I really like. I believe that finish would be amazing, but only in small touches scattered here and there to avoid making the space too dark. It's some food for thought while we shop, look, and add to our home anyways.

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