Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I love the quiet, stillness of the our home in the morning as I slip out of bed, make myself a fresh cup of coffee, get on the computer, and begin to ease into my day. I like those moments of "home-humming" as I listen to hum of the refrigerator, the computer, and the furnace as it circulates it's warm air and warms my heart in the process of it all. Who would have thunk after all these years, that I'd become a morning person, but here I am!

It is normally quiet and there's a stillness in the air like that until Chaos stirs and Don wakes, then instantly our home comes alive with the hustle and bustle of preparedness for the day ahead. We are so different in that respect. Don's roaring to go, to do, and I'm still stuck in those moments "inbetween" that I cherish. I love to visit a few random blogs, daydream a little {okay, a lot!} before being wisked back to reality. Some days, I'm receptive to the Let's go and do, if I've previously prepared myself for it; but most days I find myself feeling like kicking and screaming inside as "I'm so not ready yet!" Yesterday began like that, but improved greatly as my day progress.

I was truly feeling inspired to get back to creating some more. I had all these wonderful thoughts and ideas that have been fluttering around in my pretty little head , and after some blog visits, I was truly inspired visually. My heart and mind were in all the right places and my hands were all set to get started. Sadly, in my heart I knew the truth was this wasn't likely to happen as Don had previously made plans for us to run down to the warehouse in Columbus. I found myself feeling a bit resentful although I tried very hard not to allow it to show and I felt a huge sense of relief when he informed me he had somethings to do prior to us leaving. {Thank you, Universe!} As I set about finishing up being lazy, easing into my day, I reluctantly began getting ready and as I prepared to head out the door, I couldn't help but to notice how that showed itself in my appearance, LOL! What a way to greet the world!

Once nestled in the passenger seat of the Jeep, my thoughts wandered and drifted awhile before I decided to make the most out my circumstances. I was soon enjoying the weather --- a cool 50-60 degrees, warm breezes, great conversation, and the joy of listening and singing along to some good tunes. We traveled without incident, arriving fairly quickly at the warehouse, and even more special was that with some preparation on Don's part it wasn't long after we back on our way. I decided that I wanted to stop at a few places: Dick Blick's, Border's and a quick jog into Michael's. I'd mentally prepared myself for the purchases I desired to make, although a few extra things ended up in the bags I carried from the stores.

At Dick Blick's {Art Supply store} I desired some deep canvases, however, the prices caused me to pause and consider purchasing two regular ones in a 10"x20" size. I'd seen some giclies prints in a recent Ballard Designs catalog that I was inspired by and thought perhaps, I may attempt to paint them. We'll see.. Another purchase was a pound of Celluclay. I've been desiring to play with this for far too long and decided to finally just attempt it in the upcoming days. Our next stop was into Border's -- I'd forgotten there was a Barnes & Nobles up around the corner from the area we were in, anyways, I picked the Jan/Feb Somerset Studios mag and The Secret Book and Gratitude journal. {The later has been on my wish list for some time.} After stopping for a quick lunch, we began heading towards home, where I made my last stop of the day into Michael's for some MS glitter {which I put back for some unknown reason} and some paper mache decopage cones. A sweet friend in one of my online groups suggested an upcoming swap creating with them and I wanted to be certain I could find them prior to signing up! A few odds and ends later, and we were on our way once again.

Arriving home, I was pleasantly surprised. A box from Mary containing the blog giveaway red transferware plate, silver cup, and red berries arrived! Thank you, Mary! These are beautiful; I cannot wait to hang them. Also, enclosed in the mailbox was a package from my online friend, Kate. Kate and I have been IM'ing recently, pleasantly chatting and encouraging one another and she offered to send me a SRE {Silk Ribbon embroidery} book! Enclosed was the book, a card, a beautiful hand-written note. Thank you so much, Kate! I enjoyed looking at these lovelies {from both of you} while savoring my Somerset Studios mag and cup of pomgrante tea. My evening was a peaceful one, filled with promise and dreams of whatever tomorrow may bring.

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