Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This morning began similarly to yesterday, without the lack of regretfulness. Amber telephoned to early to see if I'd like to have Alexxis for awhile and of course, I said, "Yes!" We enjoyed a nice breakfast, time on Fisher Price's online games, reading a book, playing, and not too much snuggling. Those moments are becoming farther and fewer inbetween and are usually reserved now for nap and bedtime per Little Miss' instructions. She does, however, pass out or blow the occassion sweet kisses. After her daddy picked her up and wisked her off to new adventures for the day, I made a important telephone call to my dad requesting his help for tomorrow.

I haven't mentioned it before, mainly as I'm attempting to keep my chin up, think positive thoughts, but Don's stress test completed prior to Christmas came back low risk abnormal. Due to his family and own history a heart cath has been scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow. It will be completed here in Marion, at a new heart lab; yet the procedure itself will be complete by Dr. Yakobob {sp?} who Don had a few years ago when in Riverside. We both feel completely comfortable with that! In the event that things are alright cardiac wise, Don will come home; while if something requires fixing, he'll stay overnight. We're both maintaining a positive attitude as he feels fine and if his Dr. is concerned we feel its the right thing to do, get in there and check it out. It's one of those definitely safer than sorry moves, so we're complying! I'll have a new book to dig into while I'm waiting and I'm certain it will assist keeping me positive!

This afternoon, I felt like doing something so I decide to attempt to sketch the palms I want to try to paint. I figured being able to sketch them would be at least half the battle, LOL! Although, we'll have to wait and see how well the actually painting these pieces go. I'll upload them in a sec; in another post.

I've considered joining in several online blog-share art blog challenges recently. Although, I've not determine which one exactly yet. There's so many to choose from... my goal is to get myself creating again, in some ways, when the urge hits and even when it isn't. On top of that list is several "Thank you!" cards and a few RAK's I've been meaning to create and put together for a few good friends. Well, that's about it for now... I'll scan the sketches to show you. Until the next time...

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