Friday, February 08, 2008

Another "home decor" item...

After Amber picked up Alexxis, Don and I had more errands to run. Picking up dog food for Chaos, replacing the flood light bulb that is embedded in the drywall above my kitchen sink that blew when Little Miss discovered the light switch on the wall when I sat her up on the countertop so I could take a moment to stir our lunch that was cooking on the stove. Since I knew we'd be in the area, I decided last minute to make a "quick" dash into our local Hobby Lobby to see if they carried the Modern Options Sophisticated Finishes so I begin working on refinishing the mirror we'd recently purchased. Of course, I'd have no such luck, but I did discover yet another jar of DecoArt's Elegant Finish in a Renaissance Brown metallic glaze. I'd previously used this to sponge on a wooden shelf that I desired to have a metallic bronze finish to hang near the jacuzzi outdoors, so I purchased yet another jar of it, hoping I grabbed it in a different finish from the one I'd previously purchased. Throwing in tube of Antique Gold Rub -n- Buff, a couple paint brushes, and I was on my way --- until I saw a sign 50% Home Decor items. So naturally, I had to browse a bit! As I made my way, towards the checkout counter, I made a turn into yet another direction, the clearance aisle, and stumbled upon even more items that I liked. It was then that I spotted this wooden pineapple-y shaped thing that I felt would fit into our living room perfectly - except for the bright gold finish. Knowing I had the glaze, I thought "why not?" try this out on this? I had nothing to lose, except the price of the item. If I didn't like it, I was certain I could try something else on it at a later date.

After arriving back home, I set up a kraft paper covered TV tray near the couch and began working on it while watching the first episode of Survivor. It's a little bit of a shade lighter than I'd like, but I believe I can touch it up a bit more once I make the out of town trip to Michael's for the Sophisticated Finishes. Here's my finished, first step, results:

The candle that is shown in this vignette, was created by me a few months ago. I simply tore the edges of a piece of brown cardstock, added a layer of white with a scrapbook transparency, stamped a butterfly and cut its outline out, added a metal rim tag I'd written "Paris" on, making the "A" in "Paris" in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, and wrapped it with jute. It has yet to make it back out to the studio. Perhaps, one day soon, when after Amber and Chris begin moving and I set out to re-organize and re-group! {Do you get the feeling my life consists of a major "someday" list?} LOL!

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