Friday, February 08, 2008

CED '08 - Feb.7th

Sometimes, the creativity bug strikes bites at the most inconveinent moments. Yesterday was one of the times; like an hour before Little Miss was due to arrive, but I thought perhaps I could accomplish something simple in the short amount of time I had to create within.

Many, many months ago, I had the desire to begin a visual journal, only I didn't desire it to be create in a book style, limiting me to what I could and couldn't do, the size of the pages, adding embellishments, and struggling with a binding so I finally decided on creating with loose leaf pages and just allowing the ideas to flow. Somehow, some way, down the road, I can struggle with those --- I just don't desire to have to deal with all that right now. So, I finally figured out that there's no time like the present to get started so I jumped in creating a cover for "whenever" came.

As I worked on creating it, I struggled with coming up with a title for my journal and I had to resign myself to knowing that this will project will definately be yet another ongoing process, just like my gratitude garland is.There's simply too much going on in my life for me to be able to make any type of commitment of my time; too many directional pulls, and so many other things that I desire to do, complete, and finish. That thought lead me to my "Almost Daily Journal" title. I like it. Simple. Effective. and exactly what I intend it to be: "almost" daily.

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