Friday, February 29, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Almost Daily Journal ~ Name Plate

While sitting, spending time with Don, and daydreaming more about what I desire this book to be and become, I gave a little bit of thought to how I'll keep the pages of journaling together and think perhaps I'll bind them together that way --- individually, like little sections that make for the larger whole, once all together. As I sat and pondered on those thoughts, I suddenly realized that I would need a book libris to indicate that this book belongs to me. I also knew that whatever I created I wanted it lay only on a portion of the finished pages so the idea of using a large tag occurred to me. I also knew that I want this book to represent parts of me that make up who I am so it had to contain lots of pieces of nature because I'm sort of like a magpie that way. What could be more perfect than using a nest, eggs, and birds? And some fallen feathers? I believe I may just have to add an actual feather to this sometime on down the line.
As I began working to create this, I suddenly realized I have no "egg" stamps. Well, other than the ones in the nest stamp, but I wanted these eggs to be larger. That's when I remembered an old trick that I learned while attending a European Papers ATC Exhibit of using a stryofoam plate to create a stamp image. So I dug out a plate, cut it to my desired size, used the end of a paintbrush to indent it using pressure. Once my egg was drawn, I cut it out, took a piece of gift wrapping tape and created a handle for the back side of it and used the remaining piece of the plate to mix up my paint choice of robin eggs blue. Once stamped onto the tag, I used a fine tipped black pen to outline the shape. Easy peasy........

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bec said...

On creating your own egg stamp: Styrofoam trays from the meat department are nice and sturdy for this. Carry out boxes don't hold up as well for multiple stampings. To reinforce it and get a uniform pressure, use a scrap of cardboard in between the tape handle and styro-stamp.