Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beautiful Things for a Beatiful Person...

I very rarely "toot my own horn" so to speak. I cannot tell you why, perhaps I'm simply "wired" that way. I remember a wonderful friend from one of my bible study groups once saying to me she couldn't believe I would seek a prayer request of being humbled as I am one of the most humble persons she has ever known. And I sincerely took that as a compliment.
I'm not one to enjoy being in the spotlight. I'm so much happier staying behind the scenes, contributing to those who enjoy that area more than I ever could. Beginning this blog was a major step for me! And I have online friends that I've had for years that could probably attest to the fact that they know so little about me and are learning more by visiting me here.
That probably has a lot to do of why I've never truly explored selling my art anywhere. It simply isn't in my current nature. Although, I have to admit that sometimes I entertain that notion. I believe we are, as women, are often our own worse critics, I know I certainly am. There's that feeling of "I'm not good enough" of the things that we do, the "comparison" of someone who does it so much better, and that ever growing question of am I knowledgible enough to do {insert whatever here}. As a woman, I tend to question my abilities all the time. I hesitate to "put myself out there" probably mostly because of "the great fear of the unknown" and there's that ever lingering question of "what if I failed?" and the entire world see's me?
Lately, I've been asking myself what would happen if I explored this side of myself more? What if I asked, "what's the best thing that could happen if I succeed?" Well, I guess I'm never going to know if I don't at least attempt to do anything so I'm exploring that side of myself. But for now, just for now, I'm content with enjoying the knowledge that my husband believes I'm a beautiful person, even when I don't quite think I am. {smile...}

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