Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A creative idea....

I remember a dream I was having when I woke up this morning. In my dream I was creating these beautiful water colored seashells using watercolors on a beautiful water colored washed of sand. I'm certain the dream came about because of all the recent seashell purchases and my recent fascination with paints... Any kind of paints!

While blog-hopping, I remember seeing on someone blogs, {sorry, I don't remember who or where} a beautifully used Cotman Watercolor set. The tray had been used for mixing beautiful colors and next to it on a pad of watercolor paper lay a gorgeous water colored image. I loved it! Watercolors are so dreamy in quality! Perhaps that is why my subconscious mind choose them in my dream.

Anyways, as we've been getting our home in order the subject of paint has come up numerous times. It is the one thing that you can purchase inexpensively that creates the biggest impact in your home and in your life. While thinking about creating our outdoor living space, I've been considering painting a enamel painted floor cloth onto our deck.

At first thought, I thought a beautiful black and white harlequin style checkerboard would be gorgeous, especially decorated with a bright spring green! Well, as luck would have it, after choosing all of the above items, I don't believe the black and white checks are not going to provide a unified look to the space, at least not the look I'm after.

While unpacking our purchases yesterday, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful stripes on one of the two placemats we'd chosen. Aren't those colors gorgeous? {That must be my new word of the day! I seem to be using it enough!} I quickly remembered that I have two quart sizes of paint in the green and the blue left over from a flea market dresser than I re-finished a few years ago, so therefore, all I need is two quarts of an off-white and a brown. I was going to have to purchase two quarts anyways to do the black and white check, so that isn't a problem really.

I've so wanted a beautiful woven rug to put under our patio table for many years. In fact, last summer or the year before, we purchased an inexpensive one --- just to try it out. It was bold and colorful and worked well enough for last year, except even screwed to our deck boards, Don kept tripping over it. For a Capricorn, he isn't the most sure-footed goat in mountain range, especially with the CP. Painting a floor cloth is a perfect idea as there's nothing but the illusion of one actually being there. I can also scatter a few more smaller ones around anywhere I'd like and I love that idea. Wonder if could paint one in the illusion of it being wrinkled? That would drive Don crazy as he is always straightening our home's rugs up, LOL!

Anyways, I cannot to actually get started on this. The two quart size cans of paint are now on our list. Of course there's something we'll have to wait on, like the weather to get warmer, and preparations to make, like power washing the deck and waterproofing it afterwards, but these are things that I'd be doing already anyways! For now, I'm enjoying the concept of it all... and who knows, maybe you'll see that deck wall mural that I spoke about last year finally come to life! I see palms trees, surrounding by sand, with shells washed up on the beach! And while I'm dreaming, you can see the source of all this inspiration in the second photograph below....

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