Monday, March 17, 2008

CED 2008 ~ A few more simple changes in our home's decor...

Armed with my new "wish list", Don and I set out today to make the trip to Polaris Parkway. Our first stop, Linens-N-Things to check out the drapes I spotted online. I instantly fell in love their interlined inverted pleated panels while sitting at my computer moniter, but wondered how far off the colors on my monitor could actually be. I knew that if they were half as pretty as they appeared on my screen, these panels would be perfect for our living room. I loved the fact that the are machine washable, cold cycle, on gentle and I can tumble them dry on low, as well as run a cool iron over them if needed. That certainly beats having to run to the dry cleaners and the added expense!

As soon as we saw them, we were immediately surprised. Not only were the colors correct, they were even more beautiful that I ever could have imagined! Don loved them... and what's not to love? They certainly aren't anything frilly...
We, also, purchased two new beautiful gold Elite filled super fine microfiber pillows.
I'd seen the exact same pillows yesterday while browsing at Kohl's at a much higher price!

What a difference these items make in our room! This photo was captured right after I hung them, I've since straightened out the right side so the pleats show their full beauty! I also switch the pillows on the sofa.}Another difference is the before photographs were all taken during the day, where as this one was taken at night. I assure you the gold color of the pillows aren't cream as my flash makes them appear here; they're actually gold like our sheers, and if anything have a light yellow tint to them.

Now gone is the darker, bigger green rug that made the sofa seem bigger than it actually is. In its place the smaller patterned rug that breaks up the solid appearance of colors and and the size of the furnishings visually. After dry-cleaning, the tapestry curtains and the original pillows that came with our sofa will be stored away until they're required next winter! For now, our room is now so much lighter and airier, perfect for getting us through both spring and summer, and into autumn!

While we were driving, Don and I were chatting away about our hopes and dreams for our home, and I was stunned to learn that he, too, is tired of the paneling! He said, "whenever you're ready, I'll help you take it down." Of course, that requires a bit a work. We'd need to remove the crown molding, which I originally was desiring to re-paint or stain, and the wall behind the panel would need patched and repaired, if not replaced entirely. Who knows what we'd discover under there? We're seriously considering it.... and can recycle it by using it in his garage, LOL!

Oh, and remember my comment about how having a list would hopefully help us resist any impulse buying? Well, let's just forget I ever said that, shall we? I believe I ruined any preconceived notions that I actually might have had while window shopping online. It's certainly an entirely new ballgame when you're in the moment!!!

We also talked about re-arranging. A blog reader suggested moving the one end stand from in front of the window as it's too close to the coffee table. I've taken your advise to heart and tomorrow will move the end stand to see how it looks. I do have a smaller table we could place there if it is too bare looking. Also, it may be a great location when our chairs arrive! We'll see how that goes.

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