Sunday, March 16, 2008

My thoughts continue on the home decorating side of life. Yesterday, I browsed online, found some inspirational photographs, and did a bit of online window shopping to see what is available to us within a 50 mile radius of our home. From several different stores with online features, I created a handwritten "wish-list" of item to check out while visiting. This will assist me greatly when we visit those stores in person and I'll know exactly what I'm looking for! Hopefully, this will allow us to make our $$$ work for us and help us to avoid those "impulse" buys.

I was beginning to feel a little frustrated and in way over my head again with this home decorating project. I can see the look I want in my mind's eye, but getting there is something else entirely. I really needed to step back and think clearly about it all once again. I discovered that I am on the right track; it's simply going to take us some time and money to achieve it all. As I sat in our living room, in the TV viewing area, I noticed that a lot of what is in the entertaining company and friends area side of the room, are mostly items we've accumulated over the years. Little things, like the seashells, came from our travels through our everyday lives, and not everything was purchased all at once. So, why I thought this process would be any different is entirely beyond me. I know I want to enjoy the journey along the way of reaching completion and that our home is no different. I'm certain that once this room is finished, I'll move on to other rooms. In fact, we've been looking for a new kitchen table and chairs. We're in no rush as we have one that is wonderful, functional, and is used by us. We're just ready for a change.

With those thoughts in mind, I also created a list of items that we need to repair within our home. Items such as purchasing another gallon of our kitchen paint to touch up a few areas that are sparse on paint like the brushed in corners and ceiling edges. This will also enable us to have paint available for touch ups, when necessary. The list provides us a great way to stay focused and allows us to maintain all the hard work we've previously completed and never quite finished.

I know as the weather warms up, the days become longer, we will once again be fixing up our outdoor living space. I have a few inexpensive ideas in mind for that and I know all of it can be done by us as DIY'er's. Thankfully, all the furniture has previously been purchased. So, as we bring it out of storage, we can inspect and repair anything that requires maintaining. A few inexpensive purchases such as cushions, pillows, tablecloths, and outdoor dinnerware and we'll be well on our way. The cost isn't a huge factor as much as safety and creating an environment we love is! Again, I have a list of things to look for and colors that co-ordinate with the inside of our home. I feel this is important as during the summer months we greet our family and friends at the front door and walk through our living area, kitchen, and the connecting bath will provide an unified theme throughout, right out onto the deck! Now, I'm excited! While Don and I work out in the yard today, clearing away fallen and broken tree branches, raking up the remnants of winter, I can dream some more...... and with these lists created, I can relax! I know what I want to look at where, and what items we're searching for. These will be added to our "Home Sweet Home" book and will assist us greatly!

Whatever you and yours are planning today, I wish you the very best. My you feel the sunshine on your face, a leap in your step, and love in your heart!


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Cathy said...

Thanks, Wireless for visiting. But PLEASE!!! Have some respect and don't advertise on my personal blog. How disrespectful!!!!

I hate to have to have moderated comments but if this continues, I'll be forced to. What's wrong with people?

liannallama said...

I love to see how much love and time you are putting into making your home perfect! everything looks lovely! Can't wait till it warms up and you can go into your studio again!