Thursday, March 13, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Fresh flowers & More home decorating...

Upon awakening late this morning, I was very impressed with the recent additions and redecorating efforts I had made in half of our living room. The new cabinet is absolutely beautiful! Especially since it is filled with trinkets and treasures of thing we both cherish. I couldn't help but to smile to myself as I wondered through the kitchen doorway to grab my first and the only cup of coffee I'd have the opportunity of actually drinking today. Along the way, I couldn't help but to notice how bare the left wall in this side of the living room seemed. Although I know we'll have our Spider back chairs soon to fill that space, I couldn't resist putting something there temporarily, but what?
Then, I remember that one of our new end stands that we just purchased is a nesting style table --- two tables that actually form one. Why couldn't I take the small one and do a Spring vignette on top of it? The larger table could be turned towards the wall for a more finished look. It will work temporarily until I receive our new chairs.
Anyways, long story - shortened, after moving the small end stand table, I ended up re-arranging the opposite side of the room! I switched out the love seat with the chair and vice- versa along with the end stands as I knew I alone didn't have the strength nor the desire to move the TV with all it's electrical components and electric wiring nightmare. So, this provided a quick and easy solution that just happened to work beautifully! Before I knew what hit me, I was dusting, washing walls and windows, vacuuming, and puttering about creating the above beautiful vignettes.
While out yesterday afternoon, picking up our second end stand, as we could only haul one at a time in the Jeep, I couldn't resist purchasing 4 pots of spring flowers --- 2 hyacinths and 2 reddish-pink tulips. And do they ever smell heavenly!!! The hyacinth flowers were so heavy that the poor little stems could barely support them and a few were growing sideways in the pots. I knew I had to do something! So, I began removing some tulips to add to an Easter bunny vase, and then separated the rest. The poor things were so root-bound, so it's a good thing I did that. I supported the stems and flower heads as I worked by inserting some little wooden skewers and twist ties. I was also amazed that I was able to create five fresh flower arrangements from those four purchase pots and quickly scattered them about the room!
Other than for Christmas, I normally do not decorate our home, but today I was on a roll! I searched high and low for items that would work, including borrowing two of Little Miss' bunnies! LOL! I believe I truly have SPRING FEVER!!!!
You may also notice that I only took photographs or the end stands and the table scape on top of our TV. There's other furniture in the living room, I assure you, I did move a chair and a love seat, LOL! I didn't take photographs of them for several reasons. One, they are a floral pattern. Once beautiful to me, but something I've quickly outgrown or have gotten over. Two, I believe that they clash horribly with the recently redecorated side, but we do use them on a daily basic, so they're also showing severe signs of every day wear and tear. I recently came up with a wonderful, inexpensive solution! I'm going to sew a slipcover for both them using painter's medium weight canvas drop cloths! Complete with each individual cushion ! So, I picked up five 9'x12' natural colored canvas cloths today. {I can grab a few more next week for the two ottomans.}
While my mind was whirling about this and along with my recent redecorating thoughts and doings, I realized that whatever fabric I decide upon for the warmer months window treatments, I could pick up some additional fabric in a co-ordinating colors and/or patterns, using our pine, Burgundy, beige {gold} color scheme and make some tablecloths, floor and toss pillows that could be used to tie the two rooms together visually. Throw on some decorative trims and our home will shine! I sincerely think that lack of any additional fabrics in this room is what the room lacks, those soft furnishings. Now, I'm not entirely certain that I'll tackle the sewing all of these projects, but I'm certainly not against attempting them either. With those thoughts in mind, and ready for a fresh, second cup of coffee, I took a break... a short break. As I sat back, relaxing in our home, I truly felt loved, blessed, and happy. I could look around me and see all that Don and I have accomplished together. I remember the road trips we've made through the years, how we stumbled upon Dalton where we found our couch and end stands. And I smiled at all the little moments that are now wonderful, beautiful memories that make up our reality today!

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