Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Home Redecorating

The opposite side of the room --- nearly finished. We've still several changes to make. I'm desiring to change the heavier tapestry curtains out altoghether and replace them with a lighter co-ordinating fabric. I'm seriously considering a beautiful hand embroidered green silk fabric, in a scarf style that would allows us to repeat the gracious curve of the sofa with gathered pleats and plank both sides of the picture window.
Also, as a solution for the tapestry style curtains that we'll use during the colder winter months, I believe I'll purchase two smaller rods and hang them up higher onto the wall. That will leave room for a beautiful painted wooden wall plaque with the words, "Welcome to our Home", perhaps? to be placed between the two curtain panels in the space on top of the sheers. I've one I can borrow from our kitchen already that says, "Memories Made Here".
I still have a gift card, a gift for our wedding from my sister, that we're saving for when we find the just right ceiling light fixture. I've showed some possible styles for this room previously in my blog's archives.
If I were to change anything in the room as it is now, I'd either paint the walls a darker shade of beige or do a glazed rag-rolling treatment on the existing walls. I'm leaning toward the latter.
I love the changes we've made to this room. It's us.... filled with the items and style we both love. It's soft, yet feminine, with a touch of masculine that works for both of us!
I like to think it's Traditional - with a Sophisticated Eclectic appearance and a space we can entertain our family and friends for years to come!

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