Sunday, March 16, 2008

CED 2008 ~ A Gift for My Readers

I saw this wonderful egg used as a vase on the BHG's website and thought how simple, yet elegant. Wouldn't these be beautiful on an Easter dinner table. I added my egg vase to a wine glass, although the possibilities are endless. They be adorable in a moss covered bird nest!
I added the banner as a "Thank You" to everyone who visits me here, whether or not you leave a comment. I so appreciate each and everyone of you, so here's my "You're eggstr-special!" award. Consider yourself tagged and list 5 people who inspire you.
My 5 include:
who has been inspiring me to make our home beautiful!
Lisa Renea, who has been a wonderful online friend through the year and
whose handwriting I've fallen in love with.
Dymphie, who inspires me as I watch her grow and am inspired by as an artist.
Linda, who keeps me connected with so many online friends and offers swaps to
assist with keeping us all in contact with one another.
and, last but never the least,
Rebecca, one of my dearest friends, who inspires me and provides
me comfort just by knowing she's there!

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