Friday, March 21, 2008

CED 2008 ~ A "Thank You" Gift For Lisa!

Today, I checked my blog and saw this wonderful message from:
Lisa Renéa, who said...

"Cathy would you laugh if i told you i'd like to snatch this out of your journal and hang it on my wall??? Of course I would never do that...but I so LOVE this page. It speaks volumes to me and the watercolour--well Perfection as far as I'm concerned. I'm a beach lovin' soul and this is gorgeous!! I'm truly enjoying these posts on your blog !! Keep up with the heart art! it's fab!"

As soon as read Lisa's post, I knew what I had to do to say, "Thank You!" I ran out to the studio because I knew I still had a few 5x7 black frame that I purchased from the flea market a few years ago. The frames are shadowbox style, although not one of them contained any glass.

Anyways, I first painted the black frame white, then, added a light coat of rubbing oil stain & finish. This gave the frame the appearance of aged driftwood! Perfect for creating the 3D collage style frame I desire to gift to her. Since I know Lisa would never print my "Watercolored Dreams" out for herself, I made it so she wouldn't have too! I added it to the frame and then decorated up the inner sides and bottom using seashells, beach glass, and even one of my small pieces of coral. I've had these items in my stash of supplies for years, in fact, the coral I discovered many, many years ago when I lived in the Buloxi - Gulfport, Mississippi area.

Lisa, if you'd be so kind to email me your address, I'll be more than happy to send this out to you. You made my day and this is my way of saying, "Thank You!"


Lisa Renéa said...

Oh! Cathy!! I can't believe this!!
I'm truly in shock! Thank you so very much!! (ok, tears at your beautiful gesture!) off to email you, too.

Deborah said...

Beautiful gift of the heart Cathy!

Amy Wagner said...

I enjoy stopping by and reading your posts and seeing your art. You are a person that says it like it is and I like that!!
Happy Easter, by the way!