Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Last Post For the Day...

Aren't these the most adorable Interior Design style rubberstamps you've ever seen in your life? I was so totally stoked when I literally stumbled upon them. I was blog-hopping AGAIN, when I saw a post that someone had mentioned Club Stamp! I hadn't been on their websites for a year or more, so I decided to browse their Gotta Have More collections.
Well, as I was browsing through rubber stamps, I came upon one of the above images and noticed it was part of a collection. The November 2006 Interior Design collection! How perfect are these for adding to our Home Sweet Home book? It was as if they had been designed specifically for me! I know I couldn't have done it any better. Well, needless to say, these sweet little babies will hopefully be winging their way to me! *Crossing my fingers that they are still available for purchase! I've already received my confirmation notice.* I also purchased the mounted stamp image of the Grand Entrance image!
And a disclaimer: I didn't even hesitate to purchase them... as my husband said yesterday, "A beautiful person deserves beautiful things!" He may just begin to wish he'd never said that,

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liannallama said...

oh, Cathy! I'm glad you got something new just for yourself! I really miss getting my monthly Club Scrap but I just ran out of room, LOL! What a great theme that was though! Hope you got some of their delicious matching paper!