Monday, April 21, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Finding Balance

Don and I had an amazing weekend! On Saturday night, Little Miss graced us with her wonderful nature and good humor overnight. She is such a delight to be around. Through her we are able to see our world through the eyes of a child once again, playing, laughing, being silly. And so what if Grandma allows her to stay up an hour past her bedtime. Isn't that what Grandparents are for?

On Sunday morning, we eased into our day. Bathing, getting dressed, cooking a pancake breakfast before return Alexxis back over to her Daddy {who missed her very much while she was away!} Shortly, afterwards, Don and I began on our journey to Springfield, Ohio in search of the Clark County Fairgrounds where an Antique and Flea Market was being held. I had used MapQuest to search out the directions and well, lets just say that I thought it would be easier for us to stick to a St. Rt. that we've traveled many, many times before. Needless to say, we got lost! Having traveled a good 20-30 minutes out of our way. When we decided to finally stop and ask for directions, I had a good laugh upon discovering we were in Huber Hieghts! Back onto I-70 East to Springfield, where we pulled into yet another gas station and meet a wonderful man who was going in the same direction and near our destination that we could follow. We finally arrived a little after 1 p.m. The drive itself was beautiful! Spring has definately sprung in the Central and Western portion of the State. Through the early morning mist, we saw a lot of green grass and covered fields, forsynthia, daffodils, and hyacinths in bloom, a variety of trees displaying their freshly grown leaves, and the redbuds! I so love a red bud tree with their magnificant display of purple color. I'd love to one day plant one with in our landscaping, along with a weeping cherry tree. We saw many of those, too. As the day progressed from morning to afternoon, the clouds in the previously overcast sky parted and the sun appeared to help make our trip as light-hearted as the day ahead of us.

We had a wonderful time walking and browsing all the outside booths and tents that were set up, playing "remember this?", and wondering what the hell a few items were. But none-the-less, it was fun! We stopped and chatted with a variety of vendors, smiled, waved, or said "hello" to others who were attending, and we even did a bit of shopping! I saw many things that I'd love to own, but must admit that I'm no antique person... as I have no idea what is or isn't a good bargain. The term, "they saw you coming" would definitely apply to me. All I'm aware of is that if I desire it and I feel I'm willing to pay a certain price for it, I do.

I did stumble upon a couple who are from Columbus, Ohio, we had an area set up inside that sold of the most amazing vintage cards I've ever seen. What I wouldn't give for a collection like that! She had a lot of Ellen Clapsaddle's cards, and from what I could tell, seemed to be in amazing condition. I purchased the 5 vintage cards above from her. All of them "Valentine's Day" since it is my birthday! Most of them contain some dry embossing, and one even has its own vintage glass glitter already on it!

Another purchase, totally caught me by surprise! I saw and met a wonderful lady, Sue Miller, who had a wonderful display of sterling silver and swarovskian crystal bracelets, necklaces, scissor fobs, and keychains. I fell in love with pink one above and we discussed her making me a matching one for Alexxis. Sue provided me with her contact information and contact her, I will! I love my bracelet!

Don felt the need to purchase the fabric Raggedy Ann and Andy set for Alexxis. We gave them to her while she visited today and did they ever delight her! Did you know that you can play, "Ring Around the Rosy" with them, one at a time? Well, Alexxis certainly did!!!!

She kept herself occupied most of the day today, playing with some of her new and old toys, and allowed Grandma to accomplish a lot of her housekeeping while Papa worked outside, fixing his riding lawn mower and mowing in the yard. All in all, its been a glorious past few days!

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